Tonight’s Desire — Sale

Tonight’s Desire – Kindle Count Down

Book One of the Volkoff Pack, a paranormal series based in a parallel timeline to our own, is on sale. Tonight’s Desire – a menage romance, tells the story of Mia and how she meets twins brothers, Cyril and Hunter Volkoff. Featured on Amazon, this kindle count down starts at $0.99 and will raise $1 approximately every two days, until it reaches its final price deal of $2.99. Sale runs November 14th – 21st, Enjoy!

The world knows supernatural beings exist and that humans were never the top of the food chain. While some humans will always fear that which they don’t understand most have worked to live in harmony with the Others.

Shifters, Vampires and Mages: three unique species that wish to coexist with humans. At the center of it all stands the Volkoff Pack a paramilitary group trained for centuries to be the defenders of their species.

To Embrace a Highlander — Sale

To Embrace a Highlander — Kindle Count Down Sale

Book Three of the MacKay series is on sale! Thanks to Amazon’s Kindle Count Down feature, To Embrace a Highlander will be on sale from November 11th – 18th. Grab a book and enjoy!

Release Delays in the U.S.

To-Embrace-a-HighlanderDue to technical issues, on Amazon’s part, my book release of To Embrace a Highlander is experiencing delays in the U.S. Availability in other countries was not affected by this issue. I’m sorry for any inconvenience this has caused for my readers. I’ve been in touch with Amazon and they assure me that they are working on the issue as quickly as possible.

Release Date: MacKay’s Book 3

To-Embrace-a-HighlanderTo Embrace a Highlander, MacKay’s Book 3 is set to come out Monday, August 25th. While, the first two books in the series held time travel aspects, Book 3 is set entirely in historical Scotland. Like the first two books a Scottish dialect is used.

This is Conroy MacKay and Fenella Campbell’s story. I hope you enjoy it.

MacKay Series

I posted a fully edited excerpt for Book Three in my ongoing historical romance series. To Embrace a Highlander is scheduled for release later this month. I look forward to sharing Conn and Ella’s story with my readers and hope they enjoy the story as much as I did.

Short Note

I wanted to leave a quick note, so that others didn’t believe I had abandoned everything. Due to some personal issues in my everyday life, I’ve not been as active in social media in the last month.

Though, I’m still working on my writing and editing, it is at a slower pace. I find it difficult to wrap my head around my fiction work at times, while still other moments, it’s easier to delve into the fantasy world I’ve created, than deal with the reality that is my life.

I ask my readers and followers to please be patient, and respect the fact that, while I am a writer, I’m also a person. I have real life issues, the same as any other person, and unfortunately it affects my writing and social activity.

If you’re curious about my releases, or special offers, subscribe to my mailing list. When I have information, it will be released there first.

Thank you,

S.R. Roddy