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Lisa’s Dreams: Book Two in my Danes Series

This novella continues Lisa’s story: Does true love really mean happily ever after or is it a constant struggle to fight for what you want? Join Lisa as she discovers just how hard a relationship can be.

Free Saturday and Sunday only

Love in the Mist: Book One of my MacKay’s Series

This novelette is an introduction to the series. Not your typical HEA: Dreams are said to be our subconscious thoughts and desires. What then does it mean to dream of someone from another time?

Free through June 1st


I’ve made a few modifications to my website. I combined my Bookshelf making it one page with clickable book covers that redirect to each books individual page. I’ve also added a feature to my widget that shows my latest tweets. Any book that has an excerpt will have a send to kindle button. Don’t forget my website has a fully functioning mobile version.


I thought I’d give an announcement on some of my projects I’m working on.


Tonight’s Desire – I have a full length werewolf novel coming out in the next few months. Tonight’s Desire covers paranormal, a little erotic romance, some mystery and of course let’s not forget the ménage a trios aspect. This novel has a little bit of a dark side so reader beware. While it isn’t what I would consider a full blown erotica by any means the sex scenes cover every zone of the body expected in a ménage.

Dragon shifters – I have several short stories that I’m working on with my 16 yr. old son. I hope to have them ready for publishing sometime before the end of the year. He has done the character development and art work himself. My job is to translate his achievements into literary work.


Fiction based on fact – I’m working on two short stories that are loosely based on real life events.


MacKay’s Series – I have Book Three of my MacKay’s Series in the making. Conn and Fenella’s story. As well as a short story based on Miles and Ada’s story.

Print Books:

I’m preparing two print only books for release. They will be a compilation of several of my stories with bonus materials. I’ll release more details as the release date comes closer.

Random Info:

Since I’ve been on restrictive writing privileges I’ve been doing some short posts and reading mostly. So I have several reviews to do once I get a chance. I also have a new blog I started right before I was injured that will need attention. My husband and I have several major updates planned for my website and he’s working with me on some future promotional ideas.

As you can see I have a lot to keep me busy until the end of the year. Especially if you add in the time I spend homeschooling my children, running to music lessons, church functions and family outings.


Like an idiot I damaged the muscle in my forearm and have been told to not use it for a while. Since I have no intention of typing with one hand don’t expect much more than a few re-tweets for the next couple weeks. Writing is out of the question because my text to speech program just irritates me. (Typing things no where even close to what I said…) So I’m going to be bored…. ok I’m already bored and it’s only been a day.

I’m behind on reviews at the moment, which I promise to get to after this issue resolves itself. Also, if anyone has a favorite book they would like to recommend please feel free to bombard me with suggestions. At least I can still manage to do something I enjoy. I prefer romance, but anything to help alleviate my boredom is welcome.

New Blog

I’ve learned so much in the last 2 yrs. Thanks mostly to other helpful people that took the time to write blogs. I have a strong desire to do my part. In recent months I started doing just that in the form of re-tweets on twitter and sharing on my Google + page. It become not enough for me, but I had no idea in what direction I should take this driving need to help.

This week while discussing my website with my husband an inspiration finally came to me. I started a new blog that you can easily access from this webpage, just click on the My Blog button on the toolbar. Once a week I will post a new blog directed specifically toward new self publishers.

There is a plethora of information out there on the web, but it’s so spread out that combing through it at times becomes so confusing. I plan to take all the research I have accumulated in the last 2 yrs and write a series of posts on helpful subject matter.

The first series is entitled Self Publishing for Beginners. The idea is to give a basic guideline of what direction an author who wishes to self publish should go once his manuscript is finished. Some of what I write may seem obvious, but you would be surprised how much people don’t really know.

Most of us have lived in an age where you submitted your work to a publisher. If you got accepted then you were done. Anyone who has been this route actually knows the reality is much different than that, but the misconception is still there. That leaves some authors who want to self publish their own work a little lost. Hopefully my blog will help.