A Fool’s Heart: Volkoff Pack


A Fool’s Heart

Sylvia – All but an outcast to her people, at twenty–five she struggles with the reality of her defects. Proclaimed useless by pack and council, the only person who seems to care if she lives and dies is her father, the Alpha of a small Texas pack of werewolves. The aggression of the cartels near the border forces her father to seek training from the powerful Volkoffs, a pack of military trained werewolves that live in the Montana Mountains.

Micah — Devastated after the psychotic break of his long time mate, he withdraws from society. For three years his work becomes his whole world, an escape from his own shortcomings. Until the day a pixie with eyes the color of amethyst fire stepped into it. Inexplicably drawn to her, he volunteers to help train the tiny female whose own pack treats her as an outcast.

Together – With each electrifying touch they find it difficult to resist one another. As they are drawn to each other, they struggle to overcome their hidden insecurities. Will they let the past and the doubts they carry determine their future? Or, will a fool’s heart win the day?

A short excerpt is now available here.

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