Holidays and Family

All my life I’ve considered myself something more than ordinary. If someone told me I couldn’t do something then I set out to prove I could. Not really for their sake, but my own. In one thing I have and always will remain what some might call a traditional woman. My dad told me once I was born in the wrong time. While other girls dreams centered around a college and career my goals were much more simple, family.

My dream, a big family with plenty of rugrats running around.. I didn’t get the seven kids I imagined since a small child, but I came close with five. Being a mother was all I ever really wanted and my first husband did a great job of giving that to me before he passed away. Now my second husband shares in my adventures, both good and bad.

Throughout my life I’ve learned one valuable truth, family means everything. Whether they’re blood or not isn’t important. The great thing about family is it has no boundaries. Family goes beyond a simple bloodline it can be a friend, your spouse, or a child you’ve adopted in your heart. Family is who you love, not who you’re genetically linked too.

During this Happy Holiday season I wish the best for all and hope you remain safe as we move in to a new year. Even if you don’t celebrate any of the religious holidays like Hanukkah, Christmas or Kwanzaa you can still spend time with your loved ones.

I believe this time of year is more than what society has made it. It’s about family, a celebration of the life we share with our loved ones. I’ve lost many people throughout the years and though gifts are fun to receive, the greatest gift to me is my family and the life I continue to share with them. So no matter what you celebrate whether it’s Boxing Day, the Winter Solstice or some other religious holiday take a moment to remind those closest to you how special they really are.

Stay safe!