Kindle Countdown Deals

TD---Kindle-CountdownFor the month of April, I have created two Kindle Count Down Deals. Both novels are part of my paranormal series, Volkoff Pack.

Book One: Tonight’s Desire is the story of twin brothers who find their destiny in the arms of one woman. This ménage tale will go on sale March 30th – April 5th.

Book Two: Love’s Forbidden Embrace
On sale April 8th – 14th!

LFE---Kindle-CountdownThe characters from Book One are back with some new additions added into the mix. Hailey is the only she–wolf in existence. Her ability to shift makes her not only unique, but coveted by many. Dante is one of the oldest vampires alive. His age and wisdom makes him a prime candidate to lead his people, something he wants no part of.

A mission to find answers takes them overseas where conspiracy is the word of the day. Danger surrounds them at every turn and Hailey’s body picks now to throw her in heat? The couple must find away to reconcile their attraction before rampant lust gets them killed.