Lisa’s Dreams: Danes Family

Lisa's-Dreams_new-coverLisa’s Dreams

Published: April 6, 2013
Words: 39,690
Approximate pages: 156
Language: English

Lisa – Infatuated with both Danes brothers for years, it wasn’t until family tragedy forced fatherhood on them that her heart was lost. She never dreamed one of them would be interested in her let alone both. She spent her whole life assuming the hardest part in a relationship was getting a man to say “I love you.” She never dreamed that it would be difficult for three adults to find time to even have their first date! Join Lisa as she discovers love isn’t always an easy road.

Marcus and Tobias spent their youth experiencing the more decadent side of life until one fate filled night when they found a lost little girl. For the next decade they watched as she grew into a beautiful woman discovering it was possible for feelings to change from protector to something stronger, more romantic in nature. In Lisa’s Halloween Surprise they let their intentions be known. She belongs to them. Now what happens next?

The heat level and romance went up a notch in Book Two of the Danes Family series. A spicy, romantic menage filled with humor, angst and fated love.

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