Love Combined: Volkoff Pack

Love Combined

Book Three in the Volkoff Pack series; set for release on September 18th. This story involves the introduction of twin mages into the shifter world, and the two men they were destined by fate to be with. This is a unique book in that it gives you two tales under one cover.

Note from the author:
To tell this story, I felt it was necessary to make a detour in the timeline. Sometimes, you must traverse the past to understand the present and conquer the future.

Love Combined encompasses two stories, two struggles. Where the past and present collide to mold the future.

The first part: Love Begins, takes place in the 1700s. It’s told in novelette format. For those who have read Tonight’s Desire, Mia touches on this tragedy briefly in her musings.

The Second Story: A Present-Day Love, is a segue from Book Two in the series, Love’s Forbidden Embrace. Travel back to present-day Europe to garner a peek into Dante and Hailey’s honeymoon excitement and so much more.