Love’s Forbidden Embrace: Excerpt


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The two wolves stalked each other through the woods. One blended into the night, the second, disappeared among the snow drifts. Who would find the other first? A deadly game of hide and seek.

A howl broke through the silence of the night, a warning that others were near. The white wolf growled low in her throat resisting the urge to answer the call. This was her prey and she would not share. A branch cracked to her left, her ears twitched as she sniffed the air. Her senses on full alert, she attempted to pinpoint his location. Her sight only a distraction with this enemy. The wolf panted, a soft huff that blended with the symphony of the forest.

She swung her muzzle to the right, teeth bared. The glow of his eyes all she could make out in the darkness. His black fur rippled in the wind as he pinned her by the throat. Saliva dripped onto her pelt, wetting the thick hair. Her eyes blazed with anger, two amethysts glowing in the night. A low growl vibrated through the air, a warning to surrender. The she-wolf whimpered as he tightened his hold. She kicked her back paws, a wasted attempt to free herself. He would never let her go.

His desire to keep her in place, dominate her to his will, did not fall too far from her own secret longings. She wished to stay as they were forever. Her sprawled beneath him in submission. His grip around her throat loosened, a sign the game was at an end. Her fur rippled as muscle and bone contorted, a painful process still despite the years of practice. She moaned, her naked flesh touched his. Trapped between the warmth of his body and the icy ground.

Dante’s citrine eyes glowed, telling her he was still under the effects of his change. To take advantage would be wrong, Hailey knew this, but she longed to feel a genuine embrace from him. She wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him closer. Her legs parted to accommodate his hard muscled body. She cradled him to her core, liquid heat touched a velvet hardness she’d never experienced before. Her lips meet his as he snarled in protest. A token resistance against her seductive offer.

Tongues entwined, hands roamed her body exploring every inch of naked flesh. Petal soft skin that no other man had touched. She arched her back, her hips swiveling as need built inside her. Her fingers tangled in the dark strands of his hair. Its softness rivaled that of the animal fur that covered him only moments before. He filled his palm with her breast squeezing. A groan escaped as her nipple hardened against his palm.

A howl traveled on the wind, closer this time. The lust filled spell was broken, though it took moments to break through arousal’s grasp. He pushed himself away, abandoning the cradle of her thighs to the mercy of the biting wind. The moisture on her belly the only proof left of their descent into madness.

His eyes held anger as with a flick of his wrist he clothed them both. “Never do that again.”

Confused she responded without thought. “I did nothing that you too, did not want.”

He shoved her into a nearby cave. “You are a child, you have no idea what I want. You barely understand your own thoughts.” His harsh voice echoed in the silence.

Tears sprang to her eyes. “I turned eighteen days ago and you are an old fool.”

Humiliated by his final rejection, she ran, blinded by the pain of a broken heart. The final line crossed that night. No longer did she teeter on the edge between love and hate. Her leap of faith ended in devastation, hate the only thing that remained.