Mists Through Time: MacKay’s Series

Mists Through Time

MacKay’s Series Book Two

Published: Jan. 27, 2013
Words: 49,174
Language: English

Dreams they always start out the same. Mist so thick he can barely see his hand in front of his face. Sounds echoing eerily as he walks blindly through the forest. The crying, heart wrenching sobs of despair, begging for him to come back to her. Tasha… he could sense her fear and helplessness. It was like her soul was crying out for him, he could feel the answering pull from deep inside himself. Tavish will stop at nothing to finally have the woman that he loves back. The woman of his heart, the woman proclaimed by fate to be the other half of his soul.

Dealing with the fallout of the choices she made months ago Tasha is an emotional wreck. Torn apart by the unfairness of it all. To be allowed to meet and fall in love with a man that was literally unattainable. It wasn’t a family that didn’t approve, work that kept him busy, another woman, or even miles that separated them. It was centuries that did. What kind of crappy fate was that? Spending every spare moment tormented by memories of a night not too long ago when the man of her dreams taught her how to love with not only her body, but her very soul.

Warning: This book contains M/F sex and anal play between two married adults with a little M/F/M sex play between friends thrown in for fun.


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