Review – Betting on Bailey

Review of Betting on Bailey

Tara Crescent novel.

A billionaire businessman. A bad-boy celebrity chef. A curvy woman. Sometimes, good things come in threes.


Bailey Moore is not in the mood for love…

She just needs to learn to play pool in a hurry. Out of spite, her loser ex-boyfriend has saddled her with a rent bill she cannot afford, and Bailey’s not going to take it lying down. She’s going to hit him where it hurts, by beating him at his favorite game, in front of all his friends.

Now, she needs to join a pool league, find someone to coach her and get really good in a hurry. Perhaps her hot new teammates Daniel and Sebastian could be persuaded to help…

Sebastian Ardalan is too busy for love…

His restaurant has earned a prestigious award, and the offers are pouring in – cookbooks, TV shows, franchise deals and more. His focus should be on his career, but Sebastian can’t stop thinking about the curvy redhead who has just joined his pool team…

Daniel Hartman cannot afford love…

He’s shared women with Sebastian before, but there’s something special about Bailey. Before he knows it, he’s rashly bet fifty thousand dollars that Bailey will win a crucial pool game…

However, Daniel is negotiating a deal that’s vital to his company. If the sexy ménage becomes public news, all hell will break loose…

When the stakes have never been higher, can the three of them bet on each other and take a chance on true love?

My Thoughts:

Betting on Bailey is a M/F/M ménage romance written by Tara Crescent. It is the first book in her Playing for Love series.

The author’s writing style made this 276 page novel unique. Instead of your typical third person POV, Ms. Crescent attempted a first person POV for all three characters. I have to admit, I was skeptical when I began reading. I believed switching between three characters would be distracting, making the story hard to follow. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the author pulled it off exceedingly well. Each POV provided a smooth transition between characters and the story-line.

The book length is perfect for the story. It never feels rushed or like you skipped a section.

Main Characters:

Bailey – A college Professor. To bad this intelligent, curvy redhead lets her own insecurities hold her back when it comes to romance.

Sebastian – A sexy chef who owns two restaurants. Too bad he’s so hung up on his past.

Daniel – The billionaire playboy who doesn’t really play around. As CEO of the family business, he’s more concerned with public perception than his own desires.

Three well rounded characters to enjoy. The author did a wonderful job portraying each character individually. From the struggles they face in their careers, to the past that haunts each of them. How they confront their demons and triumph with love. Of course we mustn’t forget the sensual chemistry.

The interaction with the side characters allowed for a unique insight into the hero/heroine’s strengths and flaws and added extra tension for the subplots. The intrigue for each subplot is well placed and suspenseful. The ending was bittersweet.

Complaints: Warning, a slight spoiler.

I was hoping Bailey would get to bitch slap Juliette.

While I’m wishing — Can I request a black eye for Trevor?

Lets Sum Things Up:

The story is a cute ménage romance with my favorite kind of men. Handsome, with a few flaws thrown in to make them more realistic. So, we have some not so perfect men and one highly intelligent, closet exhibitionist. Go–go Bailey!

Sadly, I downloaded the e-book using Kindle Unlimited, so it’s going back. The good news? I already downloaded the next book in the series. As an added bonus, I’m considering picking up one of her sci–fi romances. A little alien love once in a while keeps my mind diversified. I gave this 4 hearts.

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)