Tonight’s Desire — Sale

Tonight’s Desire – Kindle Count Down

Book One of the Volkoff Pack, a paranormal series based in a parallel timeline to our own, is on sale. Tonight’s Desire – a menage romance, tells the story of Mia and how she meets twins brothers, Cyril and Hunter Volkoff. Featured on Amazon, this kindle count down starts at $0.99 and will raise $1 approximately every two days, until it reaches its final price deal of $2.99. Sale runs November 14th – 21st, Enjoy!

The world knows supernatural beings exist and that humans were never the top of the food chain. While some humans will always fear that which they don’t understand most have worked to live in harmony with the Others.

Shifters, Vampires and Mages: three unique species that wish to coexist with humans. At the center of it all stands the Volkoff Pack a paramilitary group trained for centuries to be the defenders of their species.